Thursday, April 6, 2017

2017 March meeting highlights

We enjoyed a very informative meeting on caring for and restoring antique quilts by Cat Allard from Litchfield. Cat talked to us about how to wash, restore and care for antique, or for that matter any of the quilts we own. She thoroughly explained how to gently hand wash a quilt a treasured quilt and then how to fold and store it. Several members brought quilts that they want advice on. Some had worn spots on the quilt or torn areas and Cat had advice for all of them. She also talked about what needles are best to use for hand piecing or quilting and suggestions on scissors and thread. I believe everyone in attendance learned a lot. This was a very informative and enjoyable program. Following Cats presentation we enjoyed some festive St. Patrick's Day colorful snacks from a lovely decorated table.
Pictured below are some shots from our meeting.
Cat Allard explaining about how she plans out 

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