Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March meeting March 16

 At our March meeting of Hearthside Quilters we will be having a very talented local quilter, Cat Allard from Litchfield. Cat will be talking about preserving and repairing antique quilts. Pretty much all of us either have such a quilt ourselves or there's someone in the family that does. There is usually a wide interest in old quilts and people really love to hear about the history of the quilt. To help people down the road in years to come be able to tell the story of your quilt, be sure to always put a label on every quilt you make. There should be the Quilters name, town it was made in, to whom it was given, a title if you give it one and at least the date it was finished. You can always add the date started too if the time span it was made spans over a year. Believe me, people will be very happy to have this information on your quilt. There will come a time where questions will come up about the quilt and you might not be around to answer the question so put the info on it right when it's brand new!

On March 25th there will be an open sew to work on charity quilts for Hole in the Wall Camp, Children's Hospital in Hartford and also Parkinson's Support Group. We hope everyone will come to help with for an hour or two or better yet for all day. It's lots of fun and a lot gets done. Time is from roughly 9-3. Bring a lunch or we can order out too. Call Linda Ronalter with questions at 860-482-3948 and let her know you will be coming. Donations of batting is needed and blender fabrics too. Quilts are approximately 40-50 x 60.Volunteers who would like to finish off the quilts by quilting them would be greatly appreciated.