Saturday, May 21, 2016

At our meeting on May 19th we had a Gee's Bend Look Alike Challenge. Below are some of the quilts that were made by our members. We had 14 quilts on display. At the same meeting we had a Tea Cup Auction to add proceeds to our treasury so we have more money for speakers for next year. It was a great night! Thanks goes to Karen Griska and Roberta Stoddard for organizing this challenge. Next month our block of the month quilt tops will be on display for voting as well. Come and join our guild!
Karen Bertoli made a hexagon Gee's Bend

Dixie Travis made this lovely quilt top

Dixie's quilt top from Karen Griska's workshop
 We had a terrific Tea Cup auction to make money for our treasury.

Tea Cup Auction

Pat showed a lovely contemporary wall hanging

Joyce showed her wonderful Walk About Quilt she made for herself!

Ruth made a crazy quilt lamp shade that was a big hit

Ruth also made a red, white and blue quilt for Quilts of Valor

Some of the Gee's Bend Quilts on display. The #2 quilt was the winner Viewer's Choice.

Roberta Peron won Viewer's Choice.

This is the front of Kathleen Connor's Gee's Bend Quilt. She won for Best Gee's Bend Look Alike!

However, Kathleen showed the back of her quilt for the challenge and won!

Donna Bruno made this Gee's Bend Quilt

Karen Griska shows her Gee's Bend Quilt

Linda Ronalter made this quilt out of some old clothing

Judy Galvagni and her quilt

Enid Silva's interpretation and picture she copied for the challenge

Karen Griska's second quilt for the challenge

Karen Kiley did a great job with her Gee's Bend Quilt

Love Roberta Stoddard's version of Gee's Bend

Linda's holding her big Gee's Bend Quilt

Enid Silva is holding her Gee's Bend Quilt

Some of the challenge quilts