Monday, February 22, 2016

Highlights from our February Meeting

Speakers from the Acorn Button Club brought a wide variety of vintage buttons for us to see including buttons made of enamel, glass, bone, pearls, wood, metal, cloth, and much more. They told us about the history of buttons and what button enthusiasts are up to in CT.

Fancy pearl buttons.


"Park Place" (above) by Karen Griska, a string quilt option for our upcoming workshop.

Karen Griska holding her quilt "Camelot," with a string style border.

Karen's Lamp quilt, an option for the upcoming workshop.


Karen Ives with her framed button collection.

Jo Fraser showing her beautiful challenge quilt from last year.

Jo Fraser with her elephant quilt.

Carolyn Duren's Parkinson quilt.

Betty Ann Poll with her Parkinson's quilt.

Karen Bertoli showed us her batik bag.

Rosanne Tullock's quilt, made for her daughter.

Sandy West with her mondo bag (above) and Parkinson's quilt (below).

Pat Green showed a quilt block made by a 95 year-old quilter.

Karen and Roberta Stoddard opening Valentine pincushions.

Jo Fraser and Roberta Peron opening Valentine pincushions.

Donna Bruno and Doris Silva opening Valentine pincushions.

Doris Silva and handmade pincushion gift.

Judy Saverine, and Margaret Gumbs holding a handmade apron.

Sandy West and Betty Ann Poll with Valentine pincushions.

Rosanne Tullock and Karen Bertoli opening Valentine pincushions.

Pat Green and Valentine pincushion.

Jackie Howe and a little red bird pincushion.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

String Quilt Workshop Info - March 19, 2016

On Saturday March 19 we will spend the day together making string quilts. 
The string pieced "roads" (above, left and right) will be separated by "sidewalks" (above, center). 
Some sidewalk ideas are shown in this post, or you might create a different style. 

Above: Pinking shears sidewalk (white rectangles are 5.25" x 3")

Above: Flying geese - Up (white rectangles are 5.25" x 3")
Below: Flying geese Down (white rectangles are 5.25" x 3")

Above: Little ribbon (3" white squares)
Below: Big ribbon (4" white squares)

Above and below: Crazy patch (3" wide strip)

Above and below: printed sidewalks (5" wide.)

Another option is to have no sidewalks at all. 

In the samples above, the road rectangles were cut 1.5" x 6.5"
Sew rectangles together side by side. Press. Trim into strips that are 6" wide. The total length depends on the size of the quilt that you want. Optional: leave space for a top and bottom border.

Sloppy-cut 3" squares by eye, then cut diagonally. Use these for the sidewalk triangles. 

White Fabric:
Bring about 2-2.5 yards of solid white (or shirtings or other background fabric of our choice).

Scrap Share Table:
Bring some extra rectangles for the Share Table, and take some to add more variety to your quilt.

Preparation for Workshop:
If possible, cut your rectangles before the workshop so you can get sewing right away.
Or make your roads in advance and spend the workshop day making the sidewalks.
Whatever way you do it, we'll have fun! 

Bring your lunch or order out. 
Free M&M's provided, of course.

$10 for Hearthside members, $20 for non-members

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Questions, call Karen Griska 860-361-6361

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Meeting, February 18, 2016

Our meeting this week promises to be very interesting. Guests are invited and encouraged to come to this meeting. We have invited members from the Acorn Button club to do a presentation for us. Do you collect buttons or do you have some that are old and maybe came from a relative from way back? You will get to see all kinds of buttons from many eras at this meeting. You are welcome to bring an old button or two to possibly be identified if it's something that you have been wondering about. Who knew about this very interesting hobby? We'd love to see you and have you join in the fun. We also will have a fun Valentine pin cushion exchange between members. We drew names at the last meeting and will be bringing them to exchange. So come and join in the fun for our Valentine meeting. Questions? Call Holly 860-482-5034 or Donna 860-489-7158.