Monday, June 29, 2015

June Meeting Two Color Solid Quilt Challenge and show and tell.

1st place winner for our two solid color quilt is Patty Nimchek

2nd prize is Donna Bruno

3rd prize was this quilt from Leslie Cole

Jackie Howe made this table runner
 Ethel Melius entered this quilt

Karen Bertoli made this table runner.
Karen Griska made this pink and white.

Karen Ives made this orange and green quilt.

Karen Kiely created this pretty yellow and blue quilt
Linda Ronalter making black and white for her son.

Lynn Shuhi made this black and white wall hanging.

Margaret Gumbs did this red and beige.

Roberta Peron sewed this pretty star.

Denise Fosse made this original navy and grey wall hanging.


Roberta Stoddard red and white is striking.

Some of the challenge quilts laid out.

More challenge quilts.

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  1. Is there a pattern for Leslie Cole's 2-color quilt that won 3rd place?