Saturday, May 16, 2015

Our trip to Hole in the Wall Gang Camp May 15th

On May 15 four of us from Hearthside Quilters made a trip out to Hole in the Wall Camp in Ashford CT
We delivered 210 pillow cases and 7 quilts. Donna, Holly, Rosann and Jackie went for a trip to the camp.
While we were there we were given a tour of this wonderful camp. This is a picture of the dining hall.
Notice all the wall hangings above. Each group of campers create their own sign to hang in the dining hall.

This is a typical cabin that the kids stay in. There are 2 counselors to 1 camper
and they stay in the room with the kids. They are with them 24/7.

This is a "blue cabin". Each cabin has it's own color.

Notice that some beds are bunk beds and some low to the floor. When the group
arrives they determine who will sleep where. Sometimes the counselor might sleep in the bunk
depending on circumstances.

This chair can open to a bed if needed.
A typical scene around the area of the cabins and other buildings.
Murals are painted on the high walls in the infirmary. The picture in the center is of dancing bears
which represents a camp song commonly sung at the camp.
On one of the smaller walls is this picture of thread.
I wonder if it's to represent all the quilts and pillow cases that come to the camp.
In the room the counselors can relax in within the infirmary is a great painting representing all types of
kids that come to the camp. They have 1100 campers every summer with all types of medical issues.
The plaque on this rock honors a dignitary from Saudi Arabia. He donated 5 million dollars
in 1988 to help fund the camp which was build in 9 months.

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