Saturday, January 10, 2015

Quilt Fandango Workshop

         Saturday March 21, 2015        
 9:00 – 3:00
 Bring a lunch.

These scrappy fans are made by eye. They’re fun to make and there are so many variations of this block! Choose any size quilt to make. Sample is 66” x 66.”
Bring an assortment of 1” wide scrap strips. If you are a newer quilter, bring 1 ½” – 2 ½” wide scrap strips. There will be a big community scrap table for sharing.
A 9” square ruler is available for $5. This is very handy. (If you already have an 8” square, that’s just as good. You can make a 12” work too, but it’s not as easy.) Call Karen Griska tonight if you want one: 860-361-6361.

Supplies for the Workshop:

·      1.   Sewing machine
·      2.  Rotary cutter, mat
·      3.    9” Square ruler (or 8”) Or you can improvise with a 12.”
·     4.   Iron and a towel (to use as an ironing board)
·      5.   Extension cord (Bring an extra to share if you have one.)
·      6.   1” Wide fabric strips (multi colored, solids, your choice)
·     7.   Basic sewing supplies (thread, scissors etc.)

If you'd like a pattern click here. Or you can wait for the workshop and I'll show you how to make the quilt.

Sign up at the February meeting.

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