Friday, June 23, 2017

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June 15th was our last meeting of the 2016-2017 Hearthside Quilters season. We will meet again in September and hope any of you that have been watching this blog will join us for another productive and exciting quilt year. We welcome new members and please note that our dues have gone up to $20 for next season. 
If you'd like to join or want information about membership please go to the Facebook page and send a message. Better yet, just come to the September meeting!

Hearthside has set up a Facebook account under the name of Hearthside Quilters. Check it out and ask to join if you are interested.

Our last meeting was a grand finale of UFO's (unfinished objects that were completed this year). There were several who completed the task of taking that quilt that has been sitting there for a long time and give it a nice finish. Many were shown as they were completed during the season. We also enjoyed an ice cream social with a wide variety of flavors and toppings! Always a hit! We look forward to seeing new challenges to make our brains think about how to make an interesting and beautiful quilt of any size. 

Hearthside will not meet during July and August but will be back on the third Thursday in September for the first meeting. At this point I don't believe the blog will be continuing. Thank you to everyone who has viewed or followed it. Check out Facebook to see what's happening in the future.

Monday, May 22, 2017

April and May meetings

We recently had two great meetings at Hearthside Quilters in Harwinton CT. In April we had a productive Tea Cup Auction with all kinds of treasures that quilters love. We made almost $300 at this meeting which will go to our treasury or to defray costs for the donation we make each year to the Harwinton Senior Center for using their facility. 

At our May our meeting we displayed quilts for one of our challenges this year. The challenge was a paint chip challenge. Participants chose 3 paint chips from a brown bag, sight unseen until the chips were chosen. They were to create something using only these 3 colors and could add either block or white. We had quite a variety of items displayed from full quilts, hot pad, table runners, a pillow, tote bag and probably something I am forgetting.

Next month, June, will be our final meeting of the season and we will have an ice cream social, show and tell and view completed items from another challenge we had this year. Also in June the UFO's are due. These are projects started previous to September of 2016 and have been completed during this present season. Quilts can be from long ago or just from a previous quilt year. 

The dues have been unanimously voted on to raise to $20.00 now. Members need to get their renewal check in by June in order to be listed in the membership booklet.

Members are to bring any completed charity quilts or pillow cases to the meeting so the Parkinson Quilts can be brought to them and other items can be given to CT Children's Medical Center. Over 200 pillow cases and 8 quilts were delivered to Hole in the Wall Camp for the Bandit Quilters program. Ever camper that comes to this fabulous camp receives a pillow case and quilt. 

 Hearthside welcomes new members and invites you to attend out first meeting next season on September 21 at 7 pm. Have a great summer and collect some exciting fabric so you can make some fun items and bring to show and tell in the fall. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

2017 March meeting highlights

We enjoyed a very informative meeting on caring for and restoring antique quilts by Cat Allard from Litchfield. Cat talked to us about how to wash, restore and care for antique, or for that matter any of the quilts we own. She thoroughly explained how to gently hand wash a quilt a treasured quilt and then how to fold and store it. Several members brought quilts that they want advice on. Some had worn spots on the quilt or torn areas and Cat had advice for all of them. She also talked about what needles are best to use for hand piecing or quilting and suggestions on scissors and thread. I believe everyone in attendance learned a lot. This was a very informative and enjoyable program. Following Cats presentation we enjoyed some festive St. Patrick's Day colorful snacks from a lovely decorated table.
Pictured below are some shots from our meeting.
Cat Allard explaining about how she plans out 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March meeting March 16

 At our March meeting of Hearthside Quilters we will be having a very talented local quilter, Cat Allard from Litchfield. Cat will be talking about preserving and repairing antique quilts. Pretty much all of us either have such a quilt ourselves or there's someone in the family that does. There is usually a wide interest in old quilts and people really love to hear about the history of the quilt. To help people down the road in years to come be able to tell the story of your quilt, be sure to always put a label on every quilt you make. There should be the Quilters name, town it was made in, to whom it was given, a title if you give it one and at least the date it was finished. You can always add the date started too if the time span it was made spans over a year. Believe me, people will be very happy to have this information on your quilt. There will come a time where questions will come up about the quilt and you might not be around to answer the question so put the info on it right when it's brand new!

On March 25th there will be an open sew to work on charity quilts for Hole in the Wall Camp, Children's Hospital in Hartford and also Parkinson's Support Group. We hope everyone will come to help with for an hour or two or better yet for all day. It's lots of fun and a lot gets done. Time is from roughly 9-3. Bring a lunch or we can order out too. Call Linda Ronalter with questions at 860-482-3948 and let her know you will be coming. Donations of batting is needed and blender fabrics too. Quilts are approximately 40-50 x 60.Volunteers who would like to finish off the quilts by quilting them would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

February 2017 meeting

Hello Quilters!

What a delightful speaker we had at the February meeting. Mary Pat Leger came to Hearthside to show us some antique signature quilts that were found in the church she belongs to in Winchester, CT. They were unexpectedly found in a metal suitcase that was up in attic space. There was some information found about people who probably worked on making the quilts but none of the quilts had a date on them.
She also talked about Quilts of Valor that she is very active in and started the Sew Grateful Quilters group in this area. They meet twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday at the Winchester Congregational Church at 6 pm. New quilters are welcome. Generally they try to make up about 25 quilts a year and ship them to hospitals usually overseas to servicemen and woman who have been injured in active service. She started this when her own son was in the military and was given a patriotic pillow from a group of Quilters from Riverton. That triggered the thought to make him a quilt and he suggested she make more of them for other service people. That was quite a few years ago and she has been working on this project since about 2003.
Pictures of Mary Pat with the signature quilts and Quilts of Valor are shown below.

Also at our meeting was a fun Valentine exchange. Everyone brought in something that they make wrapped in a Valentine theme. The gifts could either be hand made or not, Valentine theme or something of the quilter's choice. There was everything exchanged from fudge, to cloth quilted hearts, Valentine bags of lavender and multiple other creative gifts.

Show and tell was enjoyed by all as well as some delicious Valentine goodies for our snacks. Announcements included mentioning a bus trip going to a show in Canton, MA on March 18. Cost is $50 and includes admission to the show, a raffle ticket and bus. Contact and pay Linda Ronalter at 860-482-3948 by March 1 if you are interested in going. 
An open sew charity workshop will be held on. March 25th at the Harwinton Senior Center. Quilts and pillow cases will be made for Hole in the Wall Camp, Children's Medical Center and Parkinson's Quilt project. Workshop will run from 9-3 and members and guests are welcome and invited.

Our next meeting will be on March 16th and guest speaker will be Cat Allard from Litchfield who will speak on restoring antique quilts. Please come and join us this night at 7pm at the Harwinton Senior Center on Weingart Road in Harwinton, CT.

Mary Pat Leger

Mary Pat with her Quilts of Valor quilt

Bonnie Mazzaffero talking about a Kaffe Fassett Book

Judy Ludwig with her "Mickey Mouse" Bag

Margaret Gumbs did some great knitting with mittens and hat!

Linda Ronalter is making a Parkinson's Quilt with donated fabric

Linda showing a lovely "take 5" pattern quilt

Pat Spaziani shows her Valentine mug and rug she won in the exchange

Karen Kiely was happy to win fudge made by Karen Bertoli
Denise Fosse was happy with a blueberry pie


Holly Florio won a couple of heart mug rugs and a sweet
heart in green and brown.
Donna Bruno's prize was some fragrant lavender sachets.

Judy Ludwig chose a gift bag that had a heart box of chocolates and a mug rug.

Claire Ferrarotti shows her gift

Betty Ann Poll is happy with some home made cookies

What a pretty heart Karen Bertoli opened

Pam Walanoski smiled when she saw her plate of cookies

Doris Silva also smiled to see she won some delicious white chocolate truffles

JoAnne Dzielinski was pleased with a hand made trinket box made by the husband of another member

Pat Green was happy with the tote bag someone made for her

Roxanne Moisen shows a twister table mat

Margaret Gumbs shows Judy the purple fabric basket she won

Rosanne Tullock shows her prize

Gail Vedovelli  proudly shows her heart mug rug

Roberta Stoddard studying the information for her gift

Terry Vogellus was pleased with some knitted dish cloths

Linda Ronalter was happy with handmade chocolates